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How To Get Smoother Video With DJI Phantom 3

If you own a drone I’m sure you have watched hundreds if not thousands of drone videos, I know I have. One thing that separates the amateur videos from the “professional” [YES, you can get professional results] looking video is that those professional looking videos are very smooth without a lot of hiccups or fast movements. Part of this is your flying abilities and the other is having the right settings. In this tutorial I will go over the technical settings that will give you smoother results, all you need to do is practice your flying skills! You may have noticed that your Phantom 3 is quite sensitive or does “jerky” movements with the settings right out of the box, but this tutorial can change that and give you those buttery smooth videos. Make sure that your DJI Go application is up to date on your device because the layout and wording has changed several times since first purchasing the Phantom 3. These settings may be different or confusing if application is not up to date.


If you look at the screen shot below you can see that for each one of the categories there is a x and y axis on the graph. The x axis represents the input you apply to the sticks on the controller and the y axis represents the results the drone performs. So [going back to high school math] a value of 0.50 creates a one to one ratio on the graph, if you move the right stick forward by 50 percent of its total length, then the drone responds with 50 percent of its top speed. This continues on a linear pattern all the way to the end of the sticks. Now if we decrease the EXP value to something like 0.20 then, in order to get to 50 percent top speed, we may need to move the stick forward about 80 percent [estimate – don’t quote me] of the total distance. In short, the lower the EXP number the less sensitive the sticks are in the beginning of your stick movement and you are able to ease into your correct speed rather then jump into it. An EXP number greater than 0.50 makes the sticks extremely sensitive and is not useful in my opinion.

Ideal EXP settings


How to access the Phantom 3 EXP settings

[1] Main Controller Settings

[2] Advanced Settings

[3] EXP

Throttle [Up/Down] - 0.40

The Phantom 3 does not throttle up or down very quickly so having just a slight S curve of 0.40 is all you need. This way you will not need to move the left stick very far before you get a response from the Phantom 3 moving up or down.

Rudder [Yaw Left/Right] - 0.20

This is one of the most sensitive controls on the Phantom 3, which is why you should have this value set to the lowest number, which is 0.20. In my opinion spinning your drone left or right never makes for the best video, but there are times where it can be very effective. For example, if you are flying in a circular motion around your subject.

Smooth Yaw - shot by using F-Mode Course Lock

Forward/Backward | Left/Right - 0.30

Lowering this control to 0.30 makes a huge difference when you are following a subject whether you are behind, in front, or on the side. For example, if you are following a boat, the boat will start off slow and gradually increase in speed. So, having the setting at 0.30 will allow you to ease into the correct speed the boat is going.


How to access the Phantom 3 Gimbal Settings

[1] Gimbal Settings

[2] Advanced Settings

Gimbal Pitch Speed - 12

Gimbal Wheel Speed is just as it sounds, the higher the number the faster the gimbal moves up and of course the lower the number the slower the speed. For those cinematic pan ups/downs, I found 12 to be the sweet spot, but any number between 10-15 seems to work perfectly fine.

Smooth Pan Downwards

Gimbal Pitch Smoothness - 15

When you are panning up or down with the camera on the Phantom 3 and decide to stop panning, this setting helps you get that smooth motion. its very difficult to ease you finger off the gimbal tilt dial in a smooth motion, so the lower the number the longer the camera takes to come to a stop and the larger the number the faster it comes to a stop. I have found that a setting of 15 right in the middle works the best for me, not to slow and not to fast.

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